Hamburg live music map

Organisation: Hamburg Music Business

Date launched: June 2023

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In the early 1960s, The Beatles carved their legacy in the bars and clubs of Hamburg. Since then, the city’s musical pulse has only intensified.

Today, Hamburg is a mosaic of live music experiences, from intimate jazz venues to the electrifying atmosphere of techno clubs and the raw energy of indie rock basements. The city’s stages are as diverse as its performers, welcoming both emerging local talents and established global artists. While the Elbphilharmonie, with its architectural brilliance, is a testament to Hamburg’s dedication to music, the city’s true essence lies in its diverse venues. The underground allure of the Mojo Club, the unique setting of Uebel & Gefährlich atop a massive bunker, and the historic vibes of St Pauli’s Kaiserkeller are just a few examples.

world famous live music and club density in St. Pauli area – and some of Germany’s most famous music venues scattered all around town
The Beatles carved their legacy in the bars and clubs of Hamburg
large spectrum of different venues - from Elbphilharmonie to Astra Stube
Many venues offer unique settings – like Uebel & Gefährlich atop a massive bunker or the Mojo Club, which was built completely underground

Each venue, whether accommodating 15,000 people in the Barclaycard-Arena or a cozy gathering of 80 at Astrastube, offers a distinct musical experience. Districts like St Pauli, with its vibrant nightlife, and Schanzenviertel, known for spotlighting new bands, further enrich Hamburg’s musical tapestry. The musical pulse of Hamburg is palpable as you traverse its streets, marked by a plethora of venues and a spectrum of performances.