Reynolds Brew Sam

Research Assistant
Reynolds Brew Sam


Meet Reynolds, a dynamic graduate with a passion for the intersection of politics, international negotiations, and music. Holding a master’s degree in International Relations and Global Governance from Aston University, his academic journey was marked by a deep dive into the world of music and pop culture, and their profound impact on the global political and diplomatic landscape.

With a TEDx license in hand, Reynolds has orchestrated thought-provoking events that serve as platforms for experts to address critical issues shaping our world today. His commitment to facilitating meaningful discussions earned him recognition as one of the standout participants at the annual international EuroSim negotiations summit held in Wales in 2023.

Before joining the Live Music Mapping Project, Reynolds leveraged his business acumen to successfully manage a music radio station in his homeland of Ghana, West Africa. This invaluable experience has equipped him with a keen understanding of the numerical intricacies embedded within research data and their implications for policy advisory.

Today, Reynolds harnesses his diverse background and expertise as a research assistant of the Birmingham Live Music Project. With a focus on data-driven insights, he strategically navigates the project’s publicity and digital presence, ensuring its continued growth and impact in Birmingham’s vibrant music ecosystem.

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